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Tech and Tools I use


A list of tools I use whether for:

  • Personal side projects
  • My full-time job
  • Or working with clients


The code editor I'm currently using is VSCode, but sometimes while using Ubuntu, I use Sublime Text.


  • Primary stack:

    • FastAPI, Starlette, Pydantic
    • Postgres, RabbitMQ, Redis (when required)
    • Uvicorn, httpx
      • Tools like: pytest, pytest-asyncio, pytest-cov, pytest-mock, etc...
  • Secondary stack:

    • Django.
    • Serverless functions are written in Python (when required).
    • API integration with Python (when required).
    • Test integrations (ex. pytest, unittest, etc).
    • Markdown, Yaml, JSON, etc... (when required)
    • Tools like Celery, Redis, Postgres, etc...

This stack mostly I use it while building my opensource projects or with some clients, I work with.

Checkout my opensource project authx.

I use Git bash as my terminal when I’m on windows, iTerm2 with "oh my zsh" themes when I’m on macOS.

Optional tools

  • Some Projects I work on require some tools and external libraries or APIs like:

  • Firebase auth

  • Auth0

  • Prisma-Client

  • Stripe

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • etc...


  • Vercel using their GitHub integration
  • Digital Ocean in a manual way
  • AWS in a manual way too.
  • Google Cloud

Domain name provider

  • Namecheap
  • Google

Issue, expenses/income tracking, and project management

  • Trello - for Personal expenses/income tracking
  • Notion - for tracking todos on different projects I'm working on
  • Linear - for tracking issues on Personal projects


  • Attijariwafa Bank
  • Mercury Bank
  • Machreq Bank


For growth, I focus more on building useful products that users really need in their lives than I simply share it on this blog, Product Hunt, Reddit, and on social media.




  • MacBook Pro 2019 16"
    • Display: 16" retina screen
    • CPU: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
    • GPU:
      • Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
      • AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB
    • Ram: 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
    • SSD: 1 Tb


  • MacBook Pro 2021 14"
    • Display: 14" Liquid Retina XDR screen
    • CPU: Apple M1 Pro with 8core CPU and 14core GPU
    • Ram: 32 GB
    • SSD: 1 Tb



  • For iOS, I'm using the iPhone 13 Pro max which has become my main phone
    • iOS 16.5


  • Lately, I switch from PC gamer to console, and I use PS4 Pro with an external disk for my games with an MSI Optix-G27C5 as Monitor.
  • I use also for watching Movies or some meetings my IPad Pro 256 GB with a Magic Keyboard and apple pencil (Trying to learn design).

This Article is inspired by @smakosh's Article about tech & tools