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The Art Of Open Source Development


Open source refers to a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge. Open source software is software that's source code can be modified by anyone. Source code is the part of software programming that computer user don't see.


Why People are Passionate to Opensource?

There is a quite simple reason for this: Passionate developers have a much easier time getting involved in open-source projects than closed-source projects. Consider the millions of programmers in the world, who are not employed as programmers but like to program and do it every now and then as a hobby. They can’t get involved in closed source projects, but open source projects are available. (Most programmers probably don’t get involved in any collaborative project, but the argument holds even if only a small fraction of programmers get involved.)

This argument makes no assumption about open source projects making programmers more passionate, only that they are better at attracting passionate programmers.

I’d expect that passion, like many other unexpected things, is contagious. That would mean that a place where a bit more people are passionate, even more, tend to become more passionate. But this is speculation.

This is of course only one example and should be taken as an example and not as proof.

People prefer opensource because of :

  • Freedom
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Support

And there are different philosophies and theories around open source products, there is a kind of people who think that Open source is :

  • Waste of Time, or a Plan without Money.
  • afraid issue of being rejected.
  • Using the word "Unmotivated"


As a Self Taught developer, the Community Opensource give more chooses and option to Create my roadmap and start learning Multiple Coding language and Framework and simplify my path of learning by using them.

That why am more passionate too, to share and help also the Junior and Next Developers generation or maybe the same generation by crafting software using Python tools.

I have a little personal experience of an open-source project where developers enthusiastically spend many hours of spare time every week on the project, where beautiful, fun, and sometimes really crazy art is created alluding to the project, that help me to get more knowledge and debut My career also as an Opensource developer.